S&S Forwarding is currently looking for experienced team and single drivers to run all lanes throughout North America. Whether you are a 1 truck owner operator or have a fleet of trucks we have loads available for your outbound and inbound needs. There is a reason that S&S has achieved status and success in the transportation sector. We practice a fair solution for both our commodity customers as well as ensuring our carriers receive the best available rates to contribute to their success. This philosophy is to promote a winning solution for every party involved in the transaction, we do not believe in short term gain, we look to build long term relationships. Providing service to both parties has made S&S Forwarding a secure and successful company that you can count on and trust.


We offer a variety of payment options, you can come directly to our office to collect a check or you can be paid by electronic fund transfer. We also offer quickpay options, give us a call to find a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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    Section 2: References

    *3 references are required prior to your application being processed. These references must be companies you have loaded within the last 90 days.

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    Section 5: Carrier Agreement

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    CARRIER agrees not to broker, subcontract or tender to any third party for transportation of any freight tendered to CARRIER by S&S Forwarding. If CARRIER breaches this agreement they will forfeit their portion of the freight and may be subject to additional fines.

    I hereby agree that if this Agreement is breached, I will be forfeiting my portion of the freight.

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    No matter the scope of your transportation needs, we’ve got you covered.

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